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Insight panel for patients, public and carers

We formed our insight panel to ensure public accountability and transparency regarding our work. We hope this is an opportunity for the public to influence change in the healthcare issues which concern people most.

Our insight panel supports us in all areas of our research work including setting our research agenda as well as the actual delivery of our subsequent research projects.

Members of the panel have a wide range of knowledge and experience and therefore bring a variety of different perspectives to our work.

The panel provides unique invaluable insight and direction to ensure the following three key missions are accomplished:

  • Our research strategy is guaranteed as fit for purpose and holds greater relevance for patients, public and carers.
  • Our individual research projects are well informed by patients, public and carers, making them more appropriate and responsive to their needs and interests.
  • Our communications are made as accessible as possible to the widest public audience (for example, through our website and all of our promotional literature).

We hold quarterly meetings with our insight panel which are chaired by our patient public involvement and engagement manager. These meetings provide an unrivalled opportunity for our methodologists to gain that vital public perspective on the scope and direction of their project work. This is also a valuable chance for our communications lead to review public facing material with the group. Members of the insight panel also enthusiastically speak at, and participate in, our events such as training workshops. In addition, they also sit on the steering group of individual projects.

For more information, you can download our insight panel handbook:

NIHR Newcastle MIC Insight Panel Handbook

You can also download our patient and public involvement and engagement strategy document:

NIHR Newcastle MIC PPIE Strategy December 2018

If you are interested in learning more about our panel, please contact us through this link.

Biographies from some members of our insight panel can be found below.