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We are one of four NIHR MICs with expertise in generating high quality evidence on new in vitro diagnostic tests. These are diagnostic tests which use a sample taken from a patient.

Our MIC is continuing to build academic excellence in the methods used to evaluate diagnostic tests.

We focus on tests within three clinical themes defined by huge unmet need.


We are evaluating diagnostics that are fit for the needs of older patients. This builds on the North East’s international reputation for excellence in the study of ageing and long-term conditions.


We are expanding our proficiency in evaluating diagnostic tests for infectious diseases. We are particularly focused on improved detection of sepsis and, more recently, COVID-19.

Personalised Medicine

We are evaluating tests that identify patients who will respond to specific treatments. This will strengthen the North East's world leading expertise in cancer and inherited diseases.

Evidence development for new medical tests

We provide independent expertise to test developers. We help them generate supporting evidence when they are hoping to bring their new tests to the UK healthcare market.

Care pathway analysis to identify the value proposition

We have expertise in care pathway analysis. We use this technique to help developers identify and assess the potential benefits of their new tests to patients and the NHS.

Measuring the accuracy of new medical tests

We offer statistical expertise. We can help with the design and analysis of clinical studies that evaluate the accuracy of their new tests in real world care settings.