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Exploring COVID-19 testing in English care homes

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Led by the NIHR London In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative, we have analysed the views of care home staff and identified opportunities for refining COVID-19 testing in care homes.

In the…

Why is it important to assess new COVID-19 tests?

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We wrote a recent opinion article with members of the CONDOR team to answer this question and share the progress we have made so far as part of this…

Examining the unmet clinical needs for COVID-19 testing

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Working with collaborators across the CONDOR partnership we have analysed the views of health and social care professionals and policy makers on COVID-19 tests.

There has been a concerted effort…

Informing the optimal sampling strategies for COVID-19 testing

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Samples for COVID-19 testing by RT-PCR should be taken as soon as symptoms start and from different sites of the body to have the best chance of correct diagnosis.


Evidence reviews to support frontline medical staff during the COVID-19 pandemic

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We have written six rapid evidence reviews to assist healthcare professionals with their decision-making.

At the start of the UK response to the pandemic, there were many uncertainties regarding how…

Helping to prioritise rapid COVID-19 testing within UK hospitals

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Working with our CONDOR partners we have analysed clinical opinion to pinpoint where rapid COVID-19 testing could have the greatest impact in UK hospitals.

With coronavirus cases in the UK…

Research coffee morning: COVID-19 testing

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The NIHR Newcastle In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative engaged with people across the country during a Newcastle University Faculty of Medical Sciences online public event.

An audience of over 60 met…

Analysing the accuracy of a near bedside test for COVID-19

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We have been working with our CONDOR partners to examine the performance of the FebriDx test for COVID-19 in hospital emergency departments.

Over the last few months many tests have…

COVID-19 National Diagnostic Research and Evaluation Platform

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The NIHR Newcastle In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative are part of a national partnership awarded £1.3M to robustly evaluate new COVID-19 tests.

A key part of our response to the COVID-19…

Supporting the local and national response to COVID-19

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We are helping NHS staff at the frontline and assisting the national agenda to increase the capacity for diagnostic testing.

We are writing rapid reviews to help medical staff with…