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Insight panel for the public

Alf Bennett

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Now retired, I previously worked for 40 years in education. Initially, as a teacher of biology and chemistry in grammar and comprehensive schools. For the last thirty five years,…

Judy Carrick

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I am, in active retirement, a patient and public voice advocate. I try to represent and amplify public involvement as a member of the Patient and Public Voice Assurance…

Dr Rachel Dickinson

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Rachel is a geneticist with a passion for communicating scientific ideas.  She joined the MIC in 2018 and was appointed as our Communications and Engagement Manager in 2022. She…

Gary Gibson

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Gary spent 32 years working in H M Civil Service, in various finance, Government grants and local taxation areas of work – but he’s alright now!

Having survived all of…

Kasia Kurowska

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Kasia Kurowska has been the Involvement and Engagement Manager for the NIHR Newcastle MIC since 2019.   Kasia brings a wealth of experience in community engagement and partnership skills from…

Lois Neal

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My working life has taught me the value of listening to the different views of other people as they invariably inform and develop my own. I have also learned…

Rosemary Nicholls

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I am a retired person, enjoying excellent health and taking a great interest in the world around me. For a few years, I’ve been a member of the North-East…