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Core team

Dr Will Jones

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Dr Clare Lendrem

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Clare is a chartered statistician who joined the MIC in April 2018.  She has over 30 years of experience of programming in languages such as SAS, visual basic, and…

Dr Rachel Dickinson

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Rachel is a geneticist with a passion for communicating scientific ideas.  She joined the MIC in 2018 as a Research and Development Study Manager providing project management, administrative and…

Dr Kile Green

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Kile developed an interest in biomarker discovery and development though his BSc in Biochemistry and Biological Chemistry at University of Nottingham.  He undertook an MSc in Medical Sciences at…

Jay Hall

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Jay’s interest in neuroscience peaked during her Biomedical Sciences BSc at Newcastle University, which she graduated from in July 2021. To further this interest, she is undertaking an MRes…

Anna Halstead

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Tim Hicks

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After studying Biomedical Sciences, Tim completed an MSc in Biomedical Engineering at Newcastle University in 2016. In 2017, Tim was accepted onto the Scientist Training Programme in Clinical Engineering,…

Kasia Kurowska

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Kasia Kurowska has been the Involvement and Engagement Manager for the NIHR Newcastle MIC since 2019.   Kasia brings a wealth of experience in community engagement and partnership skills from…

Chiko Mutepfa

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Chiko joined the NIHR Newcastle MIC in April 2021.  She has an Masters in Science in Health Economics and Health Policy from University of Birmingham.  Previously she had obtained…

Dr Raasti Naseem

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Having a background in Biomedical Sciences and an interest in medical device development, Raasti undertook an MSc in Biomedical Engineering at Newcastle University in 2013. She completed a PhD…

Dr Jana Suklan

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Jana joined the Newcastle MIC in 2018 as a clinical test evaluation methodologist focused on mixed methods. She has a PhD in Interdisciplinary Statistics, a BSc in Social Research,…

Dr Cameron Williams

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Cameron joined the NIHR Newcastle MIC in June 2021. He recently completed his PhD in Statistics at Newcastle University, with a thesis titled “Subjective Bayesian Methods in the Design…