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Patients, public and carers

Our overall aim is to ensure that better diagnostics are delivered more quickly for the benefit of patients and their health.

Since the public are directly affected by our work, and we are publicly funded through the NIHR, it is vitally important that everyone has a say in what work we undertake and how the research is conducted.

Without public volunteers giving up their time, it would not be possible for us to find ways to improve healthcare.

Why should I get involved in research?

Find out how getting involved in research can benefit you.

Why is it important to involve the public in research?

Find out how the public are improving our research.

Insight panel for patients, public and carers

Read about our insight panel and how they are working with us.

Patient, public and carers involvement stories

Read some examples of how we have worked with the public.

Jargon buster glossary of technical terms

Read our alphabetical list of technical words with brief explanations.