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Using the NIHR brand appropriately

In 2019 the NIHR introduced a new visual identity, including new logos, colours, typefaces and templates.

The NIHR logos are the most important elements of the new branding and should be placed on the top left of all materials (where appropriate). There is an overarching NIHR logo as well as an NIHR Newcastle MIC sub-logo.

Use the main NIHR logo if your materials represent a collaboration between two or more NIHR organisations. Otherwise, use the NIHR Newcastle MIC logo.


Logo for the NIHR newcastle MIC in navy and coral on clear background





There are also ‘funded by’ and ‘supported by’ NIHR logos, if these would be more appropriate.




The following templates can help you acknowledge the MIC and display the NIHR visual identity correctly.

There are also templates available for other materials including:

  • Business cards
  • Documents (for reports and booklets)
  • Pull up banners

Contact to request the individual logo files, additional templates, or for support with using the branding.